Kansas is a national leader on wind energy. Wind is powering our economy into the future.

Kansas is a national leader on wind energy. Wind is powering our economy into the future.

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Kansas is a national leader in harnessing the power of wind energy. Not only is the Sunflower State at the center of the contiguous U.S., but with common-sense federal and state policies, Kansas can continue to be at the center of renewable energy development, enhancing our communities and businesses for generations.

Economic Impact of Wind in Kansas

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Wind Powers American Business

Companies across the country are investing in wind energy to power their businesses and have established themselves as a major demand driver for wind power. Last year set a record for corporate purchasing as companies entered agreements to procure over 4.4 gigawatts of wind energy. AWEA’s new Wind Powers American Business report provides a detailed look at corporate procurement of wind energy in the U.S.
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Wind Energy in Kansas

Kansas now ranks fourth in the nation for wind energy with over 6,000 MW of operating capacity representing $11.4 billion in capital investment. In 2019, Kansas generated 41% of its electricity from wind power, ranking second in the nation for wind energy as a share of total electricity generation.
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Wind Builds the Future in Rural Communities

Communities across the country, particularly those in rural areas, currently face a barrage of challenges as they seek to build vibrant local economies. Attracting and retaining young people, adequately funding schools, and providing essential services have all proved difficult in recent years. And that was before the COVID-19-induced recession added another layer of uncertainty. However, some communities are overcoming these obstacles better than others — those hosting wind projects.
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Fort Scott Biz | August 10, 2020

American Wind Week

Topeka, KS – This week marks American Wind Week, an annual celebration of wind energy’s leading role in powering our country and the many ways wind is helping build the future.